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Genre: Clean Contemporary Romance 
Publisher: North Loop Books
Date of Publication: April 25, 2017
Pages: 198
Decoursey dreads the upcoming weekend. A big NASCAR race is taking place at the speedway near her home--and her abusive, murder-threatening ex-husband just so happens to be a member of a NASCAR pit crew. Determined not to let her ex-husband have a decent opportunity to make good on his threat, Decoursey puts an ad online, hoping to find some security in the form of a guy needing a place to crash. 

Enter Kennan, a storm chaser looking to get away for a few days. Fresh off a failed storm chase, Kennan doesn't make the best first impression. But that quickly changes as Decoursey gives Kennan a chance and finds the recently broken heart of a gentleman hidden beneath the surface. As sparks fly, so do hopes that they can dream of romance once again. But when their newfound trust is broken, will Decoursey and Kennan weather the storm to find a love that lasts? 

Racing Storms, the exciting debut in Sara Russell's Chasing Desire trilogy, will get your heart pumping all the way to the finish line.

“In Racing Storms, fresh new voice Sara Russell begins her three-book series with a courageous and adorable hero, a sassy but vulnerable heroine, spicy love scenes and an insider’s view of daredevil storm chasers! What more could you want from a romance?”  ~Vicki Lewis Thompson, New York Times bestselling author 
"Russell’s debut successfully tackles the idea of finding love when you least expect it." ~RT Reviews 
"Austin-area writer Sara Russell’s self-described 'first foray into fiction' is a smoothly written, nicely plotted romance novel that will entertain many readers who like books with contemporary Texas settings." ~Lone Star Literary Life

The music was getting louder as the evening progressed. As she reached him, Kennan bent his head next to her ear, putting his hand on the small of her back. “Do you want something to drink?”

Decoursey grinned. “Trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me?”


“Sure, then. I’ll have a frozen margarita. With salt.” She fanned her face with her hands. “I think I worked up a sweat out there.”

Kennan spoke to the Stetson-hatted woman tending bar as Decoursey hiked herself up onto the bar stool Kennan had saved for her, not an easy task with her short stature and tight skirt. She managed to scootch herself onto the vinyl seat as the hurried bartender set a frosty glass in front of her. Decoursey took a sip through the skinny black straw and licked salt off the edge of the glass. 

She glanced up to find Kennan contemplating her. “What? Is there something stuck in my teeth?” She’d fled the ladies’ room before she had a chance to scrutinize her appearance.

“No,” said Kennan thoughtfully. “I was just noticing how well you clean up.”

“Oh,” said Decoursey. “You know, I think that’s what my dad told me when I came downstairs all dressed up for prom.”

Kennan looked dismayed. “Oh no, I’ve become a geezer.”

“Twenty-nine isn’t exactly old.”

“How do you know my age?”


“Oh, yeah. I keep forgetting.” 

Decoursey poked at the slushy drink with her straw. “I had to make sure you weren’t a nut case like my ex. Lucky for you, you’re a decent guy.” 

“I feel extremely lucky,” said Kennan. “Do you see all these other guys checking you out?”

Decoursey glowed at the compliment, though she couldn’t resist teasing him. “Those guys might be looking at your ass.”

“Oh.” Kennan looked around the dance hall. “I didn’t realize it was that kind of club.”

Decoursey smiled. “Just kidding. Did I get you?” she said, twirling the straw around the circumference of her glass.

Kennan leaned down again to speak into her ear, his voice lowered as much as the blaring sound system allowed. She felt his cheek brush her temple. “Were you looking at my ass?”

Decoursey felt a rush of heat. So this was how he wanted to play. Game on. She set her glass on the bar. Then she aimed a smoldering look deep into his eyes, parted her lips, and placed her hands on his thighs, squeezing lightly with her fingertips. Kennan’s eyes widened as she leaned sinuously toward him.

She closed her eyes as her lips came nearer to his. Then, she opened her eyes and diverted, her cheek softly brushing his as she used a breathy, sexy voice to speak into his ear.

“Kennan, all night long, you’ve either been sitting on your ass eating barbecue, or dancing with me where I can’t see it.” 

Decoursey felt his cheek touch hers as it widened into a grin. Next, he almost toppled her with a warm bear-hug. She hugged him back tightly, partly because it felt so good, and partly because she was about to fall off her precarious perch on the bar stool.

She grabbed the seat with both hands as Kennan let go to grasp her shoulders. “I apologize for depriving you of my ass all night,” he said. “What can I do to make it up to you?” 

“You can dance with me again,” she said, still reeling from being pressed against him. She felt as though she could never get enough, and since he was leaving tomorrow, she never would. But she could enjoy the moment, live in the present . . . even if it hurt too much when he left. 

Kennan stood up, searching her eyes. “They’re starting a slow song.”

She slid down from the bar stool. “Good. It’ll give my legs a rest from two-stepping.” 

Her legs were shaky, but not from fatigue.

Sara Russell is a near-native Texan who sees nothing wrong with using “y’all” in formal conversation. She maintains that one can do practically anything in a cute dress and flats, including storm chasing, attending motorsports events, and exploring the endless delights of the Austin area, where she’s lived since childhood. When not writing or hunting & gathering at Whole Foods, Sara spends time with friends and family and enjoys live music and dancing.

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