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Little Broken Things by Nicole Baart was my first book in my Page Habit box subscription, and it did not disappoint. This work of fiction is about two sisters, a little girl, and a whole bunch of unspoken secrets.

The book opens with younger sister, Quinn receiving a cryptic text message from her sister, Nora. Quinn meets Nora late one night, and Nora leaves a young girl named Lucy in Quinn's care without any additional information or resources. Each chapter of the book is written from the perspective of a different character (mainly the sisters and their mother, Liz). As a reader, I found myself devouring each chapter so I could solve the mystery of where the little girl came from and why Nora was trying to hide her. I am quite proud to report about a third into the book I had it all figured out (the book; not anything big like life, world hunger, or peace. Still working on those).

Baart has written a fast-paced thriller that I was able to read in just shy of a week. Her characters are fairly developed, and I found myself thinking of them after I'd finished the book. There were some structural errors and plot holes in the book. (I did reach out to the author regarding a specific issue, but she has not responded as of this writing*.) I think if this was a first book, this would be acceptable; however, this is her eighth novel, making it a little disappointing.

My favorite part of of the book has to do with it being part of the Page Habit box. With this box, you receive bookish goodies, a portion of your fee goes to providing books to countries who don't have access to literary resources, and the book has notations from the author tabbed throughout. These notations give you further insight into why the author wrote certain passages the way she did or why she chose locations or character names. This was my first time ever reading a book with the author's insight available as I turned the pages, and it made for a more in-depth reading.

Recommendation: I would recommend this book for someone who is a mother or who wishes to be one. The author was able to vividly illustrate the love that binds us as families quite beautifully. And as she said in her introductory letter to Page Habit members - "Broken things are loveliest ..." (Sara Teasdale).

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My box of goodies from #PageHabit

*Update: The author has responded and confirmed the error. She intends to have corrections made in the ebook version. The areas I identified do not affect the outcome of the story. 


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