Sunday, September 15, 2019

One Day in December by Josie Silver

Rating: 4 of 5 stars
Pages: 409 pages
Published: October 2018 

I sought out a lighthearted chick lit novel after reading some heavier, darker material. While One Day in December by Josie Silver could certainly be categorized as chick lit, it is also a bit more than that. There are some heavier themes surrounding personal growth and self esteem that I think many women can relate to.

The story, set in England, begins with Laurie on a bus exchanging a longing glance with a young man outside of the bus. As fate would have it, they miss their chance to connect. She is certain their visual encounter is love at first sight, and she spends the next year looking for him when he walks right in their door of the flat she shares with her long-time friend, Sarah. To her dismay, the young man - Jack - has just begun dating Sarah and Sarah is certain that he is "the one" for her. From there the novel spans 10 years of friendships and relationships between Laurie, Sarah, Jack, and other secondary characters.

I classify this book as chick lit because it's mainly about finding love and the reader gets the happy ending; however, the beauty of this story is the journey in getting there. I grew attached to both Laurie and Sarah and the friendship they developed over the years. Some family aren't blood relatives but family just the same. My only real issue with the novel was Jack's character. I'm not really sure why he was always the prize just out of Laurie's grasp as we travel the 10 years with her.

This was a fun story that I enjoyed reading. I am thankful to the Fort Worth Library for the digital borrow.

Recommendation I'd recommend this book for a quick weekend read over a nice cup of cocoa.

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