Thursday, February 24, 2022

Black Cake by Charmaine Wilkerson

Rating: 5+ of 5 stars 
Pages: 385 pages
Published: February 2022

I love Black Cake by Charmaine Wilkerson so much! This book is my favorite read of 2022 ... so far ... there are still a lot of reading days left; however, it will take something pretty substantial to replace it. 

This generational story begins with siblings, Bryon and Benny, coming together after Eleanor's their mother, death to discuss their inheritance with the family attorney. Much to their surprise, they learn the attorney has a voice recording their mother left behind that instructs them to partake of a family recipe - a traditional Caribbean black cake with someone from Eleanor's past. Through this final piece of communication, their mother reveals some long-buried secrets about herself, their father and the family they thought they knew.

Through flash backs and flash forwards to present day, we, as the reader, are able to put together the pieces of the puzzle of life Eleanor, which culminates in a beautiful love story of friendship, family and the perseverance to overcome the most challenging struggles. I really enjoyed the Wilkerson's writing style and ability to tell a story in such a way that is complex but also engaging and arresting. 

Recommendation: This book gave me all the feels. We never know where one choice may take us, but the choices we make can create an intricately-woven life for us and those we love. I highly recommend this read when you have time to really enjoy it. It is not long, but it is deep and should be consumed with care. 

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