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Good Talk ... Good Talk by Ginny Andrews

Good Talk ... Good Talk by Ginny Andrews
Genre: Nonfiction / Humor / Comedy / Essays
Publisher: Ginny Andrews Comedy, LLC
Date of Publication: October 5, 2023
Pages: 171

Raise your hand if you have ever run into a mannequin in a store and apologized. Continue to keep your hand raised if you want to pre-write thank you notes to those whom you anticipate attending your funeral because you suffer from chronic “way too nice” syndrome. Keep it up high if you have ever farted in church or yoga class. Man, my arm is getting tired!

Most people are awkward during the middle school years, grow out of it, and blossom into mature, well-functioning human beings…I’m still waiting for this to happen. Awkwardness is my hidden talent, although most who know me would tell you it isn’t hidden—it’s written on my forehead. My daily life is filled with epic failures. Sometimes I feel like I’m one big malfunction! As I have gotten older, I just try to embrace it.

After you read this collection of essays, hopefully you will be able to accept your imperfections too! Nope, probably not because I’m still not there! However, maybe my comedy will stick with you like that hemorrhoid you can’t seem to get rid of, like ever — Good Talk ... Good Talk.

Praise for Good Talk ... Good Talk

“Reading Ginny Andrews’s Good Talk. . .Good Talk is a lot like hanging out with that girlfriend that invariably makes you laugh until you cry." Lauren Cassel Brownell, author of Zen and the Art of Housekeeping and Dying to Donate

Good Talk ... Good Talk is a laugh out loud winner, filled with quirky stories reminiscent of Patrick McManus.” J. Andersen, author of The Breeding Tree, The Gene Rift, and Legacy’s Impact

“Anyone with anxiety will totally relate to Ginny Andrews’ humorous tales of the struggle of day-to-day life in today’s world.” John A.B., Amazon Reviewer

Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars 

Good Talk … Good Talk by Ginny Andrews is a relatively short, fast paced, and humorous collection of monologues written by a 40-something former high school teacher and coach who is trying on comedy for size. After reading her lighthearted and thoughtful book, I think comedy is something that will fit her pretty well. 

In each of the short 21 chapters of her debut, she shares little vignettes or essays about awkward encounters in her life. Andrews employs self-deprecating humor to provide not only insight to her life but society’s response as well. Her writing is easy to follow and I found myself laughing at many points throughout her vivid story-telling. If for nothing else, you should do yourself a favor and pick up this book to read chapter 8: Bengay in the Night

I found this book to be an easy read. My only criticism would be the overall structure of this book. Because each chapter as written as an essay, it’s almost like each chapter is standalone rather that components of the book as a whole. As a reader, I would have liked to see more of a thread through all of the chapters that tied the book together a little more succinctly. 

Recommendation: I enjoyed getting a peak into Andrews’ life. The stories she shares are sometimes emotional and often funny, proving that none of us should take this life too seriously. If you’ve ever found yourself replaying an awkward interaction in your mind, you just might relate to this book. I would recommend this as a quick weekend, pick-me-up read! 

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Regardless of whether I purchase a book, borrow a book, or receive a book in exchange for review, my ultimate goal is to be honest, fair, and constructive. I hope you've found this review helpful.

Ginny Andrews is a former high school teacher and coach, who is now an aspiring comedian, speaker, and writer. She would greatly appreciate it if you purchased her book! Door Dash, dog-sitting, used car sales, lawn mowing, and selling random items found in her house aren't high paying gigs!


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  1. I am all for a quick pick-me-up. And shoot, the way I have to read anymore (in few and far between short spurts), it's probably perfect for me that the essays stand alone because I wouldn't be able to remember the thread! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    1. Thank you Kristine! Ginny Andrews

  2. Thank you Melyssa! I appreciate your taking the time to read and review my book-means a lot! I appreciate the feedback too! I’ll apply those great ideas to the next book! Good Talk…Good Talk 😊 Ginny Andrews

  3. Thank you Melyssa for taking the time to read my book and write a review! Means a lot! I appreciate the feedback and will definitely try to work it in on the next one! Take care! 😊 Ginny Andrews