Review Policy

I prefer paperback books for review. I can also review electronic files that can be viewed on Kindle or Nook applications. I no longer accepting PDFs for review.

As my profile states, I enjoy reading fiction - specifically historical, but I am open to reading and reviewing just about anything to expand my knowledge base. However, I will not review anything with sexually explicit content or an overabundance of expletives or slurs. If a request is made to review this type of book when I discover the objectionable content, I will stop reading and rate the book 1-star with an explanation of the DNF status.

In addition to this blog, I post teasers to my reviews (or the full review where required) with links back to this blog on the following sites: StoryGraphGoodreads and I promote my blog and reviews publicly on Facebook and Instagram. If you'd like me to post elsewhere, let me know and I'll do my best to oblige.

It really bothers me that an author's work (read: labor of love) is often reduced to a numerical rating, but I understand that is the nature of the industry. My hope is that readers would do what they do best - read the content of my review to get a fuller picture of my enjoyment of the book. Use my rating system as a thermometer of sorts then read the full review to get a better idea of how much I enjoyed the book.

Note: I rarely rate any book a 1-star. And if a book warrants a 5-star, it means I'm over the moon about it, often thinking about it for weeks after I've finished it. Everything else falls on a sliding scale between the two.

Again, if you want to know how I really feel, please read my words not my numbers. 

Regardless of whether I purchase a book, borrow a book, or receive a book in exchange for review, my ultimate goal is to be honest, fair, and constructive.

Thank you! Until next time ... Read on! 

updated 9/8/23


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