Saturday, December 21, 2019

Crossover by Kwame Alexander

Rating: 5 of 5 stars
Pages: 245 pages
Published: March 2014

Crossover by Kwame Alexander is a young adult fiction novel told in verse. It is relatively short, and because the story is written like a poem it is a fairly quick read. It is about twin brothers, Josh and Jordan, who are somewhat locals stars on the middle school basketball team. They have two caring parents - their father, who had some success on the international basketball circuit and their mother, who is the principal of the school they attend. In this story, Josh and Jordan experience personal growth through common challenges for their age group, but they also are required to mature because of a tragedy that affects their family.

The thing I just loved about this book is that it could have been about any two brothers. The story featured an African American family and black culture, but it wasn't the central to the story. I truly appreciate when authors are able to highlight the culture without being stereotypical or using easily accessible tropes. I also enjoyed the way it was written in verse. I think this makes it easy for young people to enjoy, especially young boys who may not find reading to be cool. I liken Alexander's style to Jason Reynolds. They are both writing impactful stories that are engaging an important demographic. Having said that, I think any young adult (or adult, for that matter) can appreciate this rhythmic story.

Recommendation This was a fun book to start wrapping up my reading year. (I think I have one more read to conquer in 2019.) I highly recommend it to anyone, but I think it will resonate with teenagers the most.

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