Sunday, September 4, 2022

Razorblade Tears by S.A. Crosby

Rating: 5 of 5 stars 
Pages: 336 pages
Published: July 2021

In July 2021, S.A. Crosby’s Razorblade Tears was published. Sometime near its publication, the book must have been added to Book of the Month’s monthly selection. However, something else must have caught my eye that month because I did not choose this book. Then, in July of 2022, President Obama listed the book on his annual reading list, and I still did not snag a copy from any of my favorite places. Then, at the end of the month Amazon offered a $5 discount on digital books, and I guess that five bucks was the push that motivated me to grab a copy. But still, I didn’t start reading the novel until the end of August. Upon completing it, I am wondering: Why did I wait so long?! 

So, let me tell you about it. Razorblade Tears is a fictional story about a very real emotion - revenge. A black father’s, Ike, son and a white father’s, Buddy Lee, son fall in love and marry each other and then are mysteriously and gruesomely murdered. These two tough-enough fathers who also happen to be ex-convicts team up to solve the crime that the police are moving too slow on. Their love for their sons, regret for judging their sexual identity and experience on the other side of the law fuel their passion to seek, find and create justice for their loved ones. 

Tears ran from his eyes and stung his cheeks. Tears for his son. Tears for his wife. Tears for the little girl they had to raise. Tears for who they were and what they all had lost. Each drop felt like it was slicing his face open like a razorblade.

“Get that what’s normal ain’t up to me. That it don’t f*cking matter who he wanted to wake up next to as long as he was waking up,” Buddy Lee said.”

“No, hate. Folks like to talk about revenge like it’s a righteous thing but it’s just hate in a nicer suit,” Ike said.

A good father, a good man, loves the people that love his children.

This time they didn’t feel so much like razor blades. They felt like the long-awaited answer to a mournful prayer for rain. 

I honestly didn’t think I would enjoy this book because I felt I couldn’t really relate to the plot. However, I was completely wrong. This book evoked a myriad of emotions for me as we all have at least one person in our life we love like this. Additionally, Crosby wrote the story in such a way that the plot moved quickly and the descriptions came to life. I truly felt like I was reading an action movie. There really is no need for this to go to the big screen because the author did such a good job writing it, but I wouldn’t be mad if it was turned into a movie and Denzel Washington played Ike. I’m just sayin!  

Recommendation: This book is dark, but it is good. It is vivid. It is engaging. If you enjoyed The Equalizer movies, you might enjoy this book. It’s a quick read too. Don’t be like me. Don’t delay. Grab a copy for your favorite bookseller or library today! 

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