Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Just for the Summer by Abby Jimenez

Rating: 5 of 5 stars 
Pages: 432 pages
Published: April 2024

Just for the Summery is Abby Jimenez' third book in her Part of Your World series. I’ve secured all three books from Book of the Month and devoured them as they have published. While the three books have some crossover characters, it is not necessary to read them in order as they are standalone. However, there are some fun nuggets in this third book that the reader would recognize and enjoy having read the previous two. I love book series like this one that are a little loose. 

This latest installment features Justin and Emma who both believe they are cursed with the strange situation that every person they date goes on to find their forever person after they break up with them. They learn about this commonality on a hilarious Reddit thread, and Justin goes out on a limb and asks Emma, who is a traveling nurse, to date him so they can both find their respective forever person post-experiment/break up. 

This is a romcom, so you can imagine what ultimately happens, but as with all Jimenez' books, she gives us a fully-fleshed plot with complex character development. Her books are of substance - physically and literarily. In addition to some of the deeper topics like abuse, neglect, and depression to name a few, the story author balances those with lighter banter and appropriate humor. For example, the Toilet King advertisement is a continual thread of humor throughout the entire book that helps break up some of the heavier scenes. 

Recommendation: I read this book over a few days while I was on a business trip, and business was really getting in the way of my reading time! I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the creative way in which it was told. This book is all the rage this summer - and rightfully so. As one of my book friends said, "You speak so highly of her books!" And it's true. This is one I highly recommend for your summer reading pleasure. Grab your copy today! 

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